Dolux Downlight

Dolux Downlight

Project Description

Dolux 6 down light features an integrated design of heatsink and outer design, which realizes optimal cooling and lighting effect. Transparent or frosted cover options. 18W/25W power, Epistar LEDs 80 CRI and 97 lumen/w efficacy. patent design, unique radiator shape design ensure high cooling

Performance and operation in low temperatures.


  • Unique structure ensures optimal cooling and lighting effect.
  • Remarkable energy-saving and flexible control system of color difference, to ensure single persistence of light and color.
  • Aluminum alloy shell, ensures product high-end look and beautiful design.
  • Power supply and lamp body are designed separately to ensure long lifetime of power supply and LEDs
  • Metallic luster reflection cup, high lighting effect and uniform light output.
  • Available with 0 to 10v dimming or TRIAC
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