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• Minimum useful life – 50,000
  hours at L70
• 180° beam pattern
• Surge Protection with built-in
  short circuit, over-current
  protection  and auto shut off
• Light levels meet or exceed
  existing fluorescent levels
• Isolated LED driver
• Shatter resistant


Sales Sheet

T8- Ballast Compatible Sales Sheet


    BOREALIS® T8 Ballast Compatible

The Ballast Compatible T8 Tubes provide a quick and easy retrofit with long life, energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. Borealis T8 Tubes provide a high quality uniform light and contain no mercury, UV or other hazardous substances. Local rebates for qualified products can further reduce acquisition costs. Simply plug in the Borealis T8 Tube into most existing electronic ballast fixtures. NO re-wiring or fixture modification is required.

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