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• Minimum useful life - 50,000 hours   at L70
• Clear & Frosted lens available
• Available in 2ft & 4ft lengths - other   sizes available
• 180° beam pattern
• Air Flow and Heat Sink combined   patented thermal management
• 1000V Surge Protection with
   built-in short circuit, over-current
   protection and auto shut off
• Compatible with DC power


Sales Sheet

T8-Sales Sheet


Borealis T8 Tubes are an energy efficient alternative for traditional fluorescent tube lamps. By eliminating the need for ballasts in any retrofit or new installation, Borealis T8 Tubes significantly reduce maintenance costs. The Borealis T8 Tubes provide a high quality, uniform light and contain no mercury, UV or other hazardous substances so recycling costs associated with traditional tube lighting are eliminated. In addition, local rebates for qualified products can further reduce acquisition costs.

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