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At PolyBrite, we apply our extensive knowledge of solid-state lighting systems with our proprietary technology to create innovative LED products. Our industry-leading lighting engineers and designers find ways to adapt the durability and longevity of LEDs to specific lighting needs. We focus on creating long-lasting lighting alternatives that transform existing applications into beautiful lighting designs that are environmentally friendly, virtually maintenance-free and extraordinarily energy efficient.

Borealis Brand's solid-state lamps and lighting systems provide solutions for common problematic applications:
• Hard-to-access locations
• High-traffic areas
• Illumination of items that are sensitive to heat and UV emissions
• Glare sensitive areas
• Enclosed casework prone to heat build-up

We also solve important operational issues including:
• Compliancy with new energy legislation and mandates including Title 24 and RoHS
• Expensive energy bills
• Need for extensive lamp inventory - due to lack of breakage, vibration-resistance and long life

Make light work the way you want it to with reliable solid-state lighting solutions from PolyBrite.

Contact us today to learn more.

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