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• Replaces 150W – 800W traditional   street lamps*
• Typical mounting height of 15–50   feet*
• Patented heat dissipation design,   achieves optimum efficiency
• IP rating: IP66 - water and vapor   tight
• Meets NEMA codes
• Die-cast Aluminum housing   available in Silver/Gray. Custom   built colors available
• Vandal resistant
• Wireless control system available
• Photosensor and other options   available

• Input voltage: 100 – 277VAC ,
  50/60 Hz*
• Minimum useful life - 50,000 hours   at L70
• Temperature -40°F~122°F,   Humidity 10%~95%
* Depending on model

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Borealis’ Design Lights® Consortium qualified (DLC QPL) LED Street Lighting is the energy savings and maintenance replacement solution for conventional street lamps. Borealis LED Lighting provides a sharp, accurate color rendering of objects which creates better visibility, enhancing safety outdoors. By providing more control over what is illuminated, Borealis reduces light pollution making it ideal for public lighting. Borealis lighting features an instant “on” with no cold starting as compared to HPS lights, and is better equipped to withstand extreme temperature variations, reducing maintenance and bulb replacement. Motion sensors and lighting controls can also be used with Borealis to further reduce operating costs.

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