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• Minimum useful life - 100,000   hours at L70
• Environmentally Friendly
   No mercury or hazardous gases
   No disposal requirements
• Energy Savings
   Up to 90% less heat
   Low Power Consumption
• Low maintenance & Easy   Installation- No bulbs or
  ballasts to replace
• 0 - 10V Dimming Capability   (available)
• Meets NEMA Codes

Specifications 2x2
• Power Consumption: 45W
• Luminous Flux: 3800 lm
• CCT: 4000K,5000K
• CRI 81
• Input Voltage 120-277V
• Efficacy 84 lm/W
• Power Factor 0.99

Specifications 2x4
• Power Consumption: 66W
• Luminous Flux: 5300 lm
• CCT: 3000K,4500K
• CRI 81
• Input Voltage 120-277V
• Efficacy 80 lm/W
• Power Factor 0.95


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BOREALIS® 2ft x2ft and 2ft x4ft Edge Lit
Ceiling Panel Lighting

Borealis’ DesignLights® Consortium qualified (DLC QPL) LED, 2x2 and 2x4 Edge Lit panel lighting has been designed to replace traditional power cosuming fluorescent in standard drop ceiling and surface mount fixtures. A highly reflective diffusing lens produces a soft, consistent light to effectively illuminate surfaces and ensures uniform and optimal light distribution without glare or pixilation. Borealis LED panels significantly reduce energy consumption, and the fully interchangeable panels are easy to install and have no bulbs to replace resulting in lower maintenance costs. In addition, local rebates for qualified products can further reduce acquisition costs.

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