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• High color rendering for improved   visibility
• Produces a sharp, pure color   without glare
• Greater control of light dispersion   reducing light pollution
• Instant “on” with no cold starting as   compared to HPS lights
• Compatible with motion sensors   and lighting controls further   reducing operating costs
• Better equipped to withstand   extreme temperature variations
• Not affected by vibration
• Vandal resistant
• Useful life – 50,000 hours at L70

Sales Sheets

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CLSM-80 .pdf
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CLSM-120 .pdf
CLSM-160 .pdf
CLSM-200 .pdf
CLSM-250 .pdf
CLSM-300 .pdf

Borealis’ LED DesignLights® Consortium qualified (DLC QPL) Lighting is an energy and maintenance saving solution for replacing conventional
lighting in High Bay/Low Bay applications. By producing a higher CRI,
Borealis lighting provides accurate color rendering of objects creating
better visibility and enhancing safety in industrial and commercial spaces.

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