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• 150W–500W HPS replacement*
• Typical mounting height of 15–50   feet*
• High color rendition for improved   visibility
• Greater control of light dispersion   reducing light pollution
• Produces a sharp, pure color   without glare
• Compatible with motion sensors   and lighting controls
• Vandal resistant
• Useful life - 50,000 hours at L70
* Depending on model

• Input voltage: 120V – 277VAC ,
• Power supply frequency: 50–60 Hz
• IP rating: IP65
• Working temperature: –40°F ~   122°F (–40°C ~ 50°C)
• Working humidity: 10% ~ 95%
• Lamp body material: Aluminum   Alloy

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Borealis LED CL Series Canopy Lighting is an environmentally friendly, energy saving solution for replacing conventional fluorescent, HPS and metal halide lighting in high bay lighting applications. The CL Series produces a higher CRI, resulting in sharp, accurate color rendering of objects creating better visibility and enhancing safety in industrial and commercial spaces. Borealis lighting features an instant “on” with no cold starting as compared to HPS lights, is not affected by vibration, and is better equipped to withstand extreme temperature variations. In addition to its lower energy usage, motion sensors and lighting controls can also be used to further reduce operating costs.

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